Wellness Pack

Weekend Recovery Pack

weekend-recovery-packWith hot summer nights and days on the water, it’s easy to find yourself “over indulging” in some of Idaho’s best summer activities. The Weekend Recovery Pack is designed to undo those active weekends by delivering serious hydration and detox power. This pack provides 6 cold-pressed juices – we recommend drinking 3 juices per day in conjunction with food to restore balance and get you back to work.

Includes: Good Hydrations, Electrolyte, Turn Up the Beet

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Go Green Pack

packs-go-greenThe Go Green Pack is our healthiest juice pack and is perfect for those looking to gain the health benefits of our low glycemic Pro Cleanse, without the full commitment of cleansing. Each bottle is filled to the brim with nutrient-dense green juice to boost your daily energy and mental clarity.

Includes: The Holy Kale, City of Greens, TropiKale

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Immunity Pack

packs-immunityGive your immune system a shove into high gear with the Defense Pack! High levels of vitamin C from oranges, lemons, pineapples and cantaloupe give this pack the extra power it needs to help your immune system put up a top-notch defense.

Includes: Nice Melons, Pineapple Chia, The Holy Kale

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