City of Greens

City of Greens 1
This balanced and potent blend regulates and promotes healthy digestion and fights inflammation at its source – the digestive tract. Coupled with nutrient-dense foods like kale and spinach, City of Greens gives your body a powerful boost of disease fighting antioxidants.
City of Greens 2


Full of important minerals like potassium, copper, iron, manganese & phosphorus. Lowers blood pressure & reduces risk of stroke.
City of Greens 3


Vitamins A, B & C boost immunity, increase energy production & fight inflammation.
City of Greens 4


Rich in magnesium. Increases energy metabolism, maintains proper muscle and nerve function. Reduces the effects of stress and anxiety.
City of Greens 5

Green Apple

Important antioxidant, quercetin, in apples improves lung function & can reduce the effects of asthma
City of Greens 6


A great digestive aid. Settles the stomach & promotes regularity for a healthy digestive tract.
City of Greens 7


Anti-inflammatory properties reduce pain associated with arthritis & muscle discomfort.