Every body reacts differently when it comes to detoxing and introducing large amounts of enzymes and nutrients into their bodies. Few things are guaranteed, but feeling some level of hunger is to be expected. Most report increased energy, especially in the morning, because your body didn’t spend all that energy breaking down solid food to access the real fuel. You may have occasional detox headaches, drinking more water in-between juices will help alleviate the pain. Other symptoms may include: feeling fatigued and irritable, dizzy from time to time, have halitosis (bad breath), and a change in bowel movements. “Brain fog” is reported but so is a feeling of mental clarity after your first day. All of these are normal and present differently with each person. The key is to listen to your body and realize the benefits of cleansing drastically outweigh these symptoms. Sometimes we need to add an extra nut milk, other times we need more water plant-based fiber, and even some raw foods. Regardless, if you have any concerns we are always here if you are experiencing anything that you feel needs to be addressed. Email us at boisejuice@gmail.com or call the store at 208-853-3330