A juice cleanse has benefits for both your body and mind. Doing an organic juice cleanse gives your body a break from the additives, chemicals, hormones, and pesticides that are found in so many of the foods we eat every day. Most of us consume an imbalanced diet with not enough organic and non-GMO veggies and fruit and too much processed sugar and processed foods. Our body is made to filter out the toxins we introduce, but our lifestyles put our digestive system and cleansing organs into overdrive! Juice cleanses allow for rapid nutrient and enzyme absorption that your body so desperately needs for cellular recovery and detoxification. It gives the digestive system a reset because it isn’t breaking down food to get to the good stuff it needs! It also brings about mindfulness about what you are putting into your body and your relationship with food. A juice cleanse provides a sense of control, balance, and empowerment that you can make healthy choices for your body.