If you have medial concerns of any kind or currently take medication, check with your doctor before introducing cold-pressed juices into your diet or doing a juice cleanse. We are not doctors, so we prefer you trust the professionals. But here are our thoughts!

* PREGNANT OR NURSING: Organic cold pressed juice is an amazing way to get all of those nutrients that your body needs during this amazing time of building and providing nourishment for another little body. However, ask your doctor before proceeding. Cleansing is not advised while pregnant or nursing.

* DIABETES: We only recommend cleansing under the supervision and guidance of your physician. We do offer juices on the lower glycemic index and can customize any cleanses to fit your nutritional needs.

* CANCER: Organic juice can really supplement the diet and provide nutrition to help your body recover from treatment. Sometimes, getting enough nutrition is hard when your body is fighting a tough battle. Please ask your doctor if organic unpasteurized juice is right for you.

Disclaimer: We are not doctors. We do not offer medical advice or practice any sort of medicine. The information that BJC offers is not medical advice and should never be interpreted as such. Please speak with your healthcare provider if you have any questions or doubt if organic unpasteurized cold-pressed juice is right for you.