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Eating "Seasonally" with Sprouting Vitality

Posted on:
November 2, 2021
Boise Juice

Fall is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful times of the year. It's the season of significant change, represented in cooler temperatures and stunning colors. As we move towards Winter and watch those beautiful leaves fall to the ground, we’re invited to move inward. To take time for reflection and intentionally harvest our environment for the abundance that awaits in the Spring. 

Part of this process is found in how we care for our bodies. Especially since those pesky cold bugs are lurking around the corner. We can really take this time to nurture ourselves by eating in season and reaching for those foods found locally this time of year. Doing so will not only help maintain health and prevent disease, but it'll also serve the community around us.

To help us understand the extent of the benefits, we reached out to McKenzie Joyner of Sprouting Vitality. McKenzie is a local Chef, Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach, Yogi, and all-around Wellness Guru! She serves the community in a handful of ways and has incredible insight into all things health and wellness. 

Why do you believe eating seasonally is so beneficial to our health? 

McKenzie: I believe seasonal eating is so beneficial to our health for a couple of different reasons. First, when you choose to eat seasonally you most likely will start shopping more at your local Co-Op, Farmer’s Market or directly sourcing your food from local farmers. Eating seasonally goes hand in hand with supporting locals. You’re eating products that are naturally in season in your location, which in turn has you seeking out locals who are growing it.

In seeking out locals you are also creating new relationships with the people growing your food and within your community. By purchasing food that is grown close to you, you are decreasing travel time which allows you to eat the products at the peak of their nutritional value. It also decreases your carbon footprint and the need for transport to get the products to you. I personally feel a difference when I consume items that are in season and grown locally. Give it a try and see how you feel.

You mentioned that fall foods are your favorite. Can you tell us why?

McKenzie: Well, I have to clarify: All foods are my favorite! I seriously love all seasons and the foods that come with it, but, with that being said, there is something about fall foods that nourish my soul. I think it's because summer is full of hustle and bustle, fun in the sun, and an abundance of raw, beautiful foods.

When Fall rolls around, things start to slow down and we get to ease back into grounding, warming foods. The foods that have us feeling calm and cozy. The ones that are rich in color and flavors. I just love root veggies and the seasonings like pumpkin spice, ginger, cayenne, and chili powder that come into play for all the soups, stews, and roasted vegetables. They just bring you back to mother nature, to yourself and help you find a slower pace again.”

Do you have any helpful tips for staying in season? 

McKenzie: One of the best ways to stay in season would be to source your products from your local Co-op, Farmer’s Market, or by investing in a CSA box (Community Supported Agriculture Box). There is nothing better than locally sourced, seasonal foods to enjoy year-round. It strengthens the relationships within your community and keeps your dollar within your own city. 

A few of my favorite local sources include:

You can also go to this link to find resources near you!

We would love to know what your favorite fall recipes are! Can you share some of your go-to’s?

McKenzie: Definitely! I am currently curating a few new recipes, so be sure to check back in over at Sprouting Vitality, but here are some of my favorites to get you started!

Eating in Season with McKenzie from Spouting Vitality

Insanely Delicious Fall Pumpkin Bread

Irresistible Herb Carrots with Hot Honey Goat Cheese

Smoked Kabocha Herb Mash

I'm sure you'd all agree that these Fall recipes look absolutely incredible!

We can't thank McKenzie enough for sharing her time as well as her tips with us. Her knowledge serves as such profound inspiration to be more intentional with our food choices and to seek local produce as much as possible!

If you’d love some additional support, McKenzie is currently taking new clients! Whether you have specific nutritional needs, are seeking clarity on how to improve your food choices, desire personalized meal plans, or just want to upgrade your overall health routine, she would love to assist you in your wellness journey. 

You can contact her here or find her on Instagram and Facebook at @SproutingVitality!

If you're curious about what Boise Juice Co has to offer as part of our fall selection, look no further! We have some delicious new seasonal options that we think you'll love!

Be sure to stop in to try our Pumpkin Pie Smoothie or Bowl as well as our new Pumpkin Patch Juice!

To our customers with allergies:
We openly handle several allergens throughout our stores, including peanut butter, tree nuts (e.g., almond, coconut, cashew, etc.), a variety of fruits, wheat, and others. While we take precautions to keep ingredients separate and to accommodate allergen orders, we cannot guarantee that any of our beverages or foods are allergen-free as we use shared equipment to store, prepare and serve them. Examples of shared equipment include spatulas, blenders, blender wands, juicers, and freezers. Please consult your doctor if you have questions about food allergies, so that you can make the decision that is right for you.

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