Our Story

Boise Juice Company started with the dream to offer our community a place to feel at home, to experience the benefits of cold-pressed juice, and to taste the difference of whole food nutrition. Founded in 2016, Boise Juice Company was the first cold-pressed juice bar in the Treasure Valley and now operates in three locations in the community. We are locally owned and family operated and will always pride ourselves in providing amazing service, high-quality products, and the best experience every time we get the opportunity to serve you!

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Because itโ€™s the best! Many juice bars use centrifugal and masticating juicers that grind fruits and vegetables to a pulp at high speeds, aerating and heating the juice. Those processes destroy the precious nutrients and living enzymes found within each fruit and vegetable. The cold-press method maintains the integrity of the plantsโ€™ cellular structure and extracts the purest form of juice with the greatest density of nutrients and flavor.