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Preparing For Your Juice Cleanse

Posted on:
December 30, 2021
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Juice Cleanse

As this challenging year comes to an end, it’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to 2022. Not only is it an opportunity to start anew, but we also get to move in a direction that will enhance our lives, bring us joy, and ground ourselves in what’s truly important to us. 

Oftentimes, your health resolutions involve Boise Juice Co. and we are grateful to be a part of your journey. This is why we've decided to do our part and help you start the year off with a productive juice cleanse!

As you know, preparation is often the secret to success. We have found that taking 2-3 days to prepare your mind and body can make all the difference. So, whether you’re looking to do a one or even seven-day cleanse, we suggest taking a peek at our prep and cleanse tips below!

Preparation protocol:

  1. Reduce your intake of caffeine & alcohol: These items contain toxins your body is working hard to eliminate. If we abruptly remove them the day you start your cleanse, your body can go into shock and develop adverse symptoms. In removing them, you give yourself an opportunity to utilize the plethora of vitamins and minerals in your juices, which often leave you more energized than before! 
  2. Increase fruit and vegetable intake: Give your body a head start by adding more whole, nutritious, and colorful foods to your plate! You’ll also benefit from decreasing your intake of things like red meat, dairy, and fried/processed/refined foods. This will help ease your transition into a juice only diet!
  3. Drink more water: Hydration is a key component to a successful cleanse and will help your body acclimate and eliminate toxins! All Boise Juice Co. locations have a Kangan alkaline water machine, so feel free to come in and fill up your water bottle.
  4. Get great sleep: Your body is going to be working overtime during your cleanse, so allowing time for additional rest will be beneficial! Focus on a regular bedtime and getting the hours you need to feel rested. 
  5. Adjust your exercise routine: Noticing your fluctuating energy levels before and during the cleanse will allow you to adjust your workout routine. Don’t be afraid to dial it back a bit and go lighter during this time if you need to. 

What to expect:

There’s no denying that every body reacts differently when it comes to detoxing, but there are a few experiences that seem to be more common than others. If you know what to look out for, it makes adapting or making adjustments that much easier. 

  • More visits to the restroom: This common symptom is a reminder that your body is doing its job and flushing all those toxins out of your system!
  • Increased hunger: This side effect is most obvious on the first day, but will subside by the second. This one is all mental!
  • Heightened energy levels: You might notice you wake earlier and feel more energized in the morning! This is because the digestion process requires about 30% of your stored energy, so once that’s free, you get to take advantage of it in other ways! 
  • Occasional headaches: Detox headaches can happen and are usually related to caffeine withdrawal, but drinking plenty of water between juices usually helps to alleviate them!
  • Irritability or brain fog: These unpleasant symptoms are more common with longer cleanses, but can be soothed by limiting your exposure to large crowds, loud noises, and strenuous tasks. We recommend being mindful of your needs and making minor adjustments to your daily routine. 
  • Feeling cold: Many people express feeling colder than usual. Fortunately, this is an easy thing to remedy by enjoying a hot cup of herbal tea, an epsom salt bath, or cozying up next to your fireplace. 

Remember, the key with each juice cleanse is to listen to your body and recognize that the benefits drastically outweigh any symptom you might experience! Also, rest assured that things get a whole lot easier on day two!

A few more helpful tips:

  • Water is just as essential as your juice, so be sure to drink plenty of it when you can. We know. We’re really driving this one home, but it’s for good reason! Many of the negative symptoms can be alleviated by adequate hydration.
  • Try to consume a juice every 2-2.5 hours, having your first when you would typically eat breakfast. 
  • Invite a few friends to join you and have fun! Allowing others to be a part of our journey makes it that much more meaningful. 

You can reserve your juice cleanse by visiting us at one of our locations or clicking here.

You'll have the option to choose between three programs: Beginner, Intermediate or Pro and determine whether you want a one, two, or three-day cleanse. Our personal favorite is the 3-day cleanse because it gives your body time to finish the digestive process and take a bit of a rest as it focuses on maximum nutrient and enzyme absorption. 

If you’re unsure of which option would be best for you, don’t hesitate to ask! We love personalizing your experience! 

We look forward to starting the new year with you and hope your next juice cleanse will set the tone for 2022


For more information on juice cleanses visit our Frequently Asked Questions page!

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To our customers with allergies:
We openly handle several allergens throughout our stores, including peanut butter, tree nuts (e.g., almond, coconut, cashew, etc.), a variety of fruits, wheat, and others. While we take precautions to keep ingredients separate and to accommodate allergen orders, we cannot guarantee that any of our beverages or foods are allergen-free as we use shared equipment to store, prepare and serve them. Examples of shared equipment include spatulas, blenders, blender wands, juicers, and freezers. Please consult your doctor if you have questions about food allergies, so that you can make the decision that is right for you.

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