Golden Mylk

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This protein-packed almond and cashew milk blend is packed with natural anti-inflammatory compounds! Turmeric is well known for it's numerous health benefits and when paired with our enzyme and protein-rich housemade nut milk, you get a delicious blend to decrease inflammation, improve brain function, and nourish your body!

Almond Mylk
Soaked almonds increase the absorption rate of nutrients by breaking down phytic acid at a rapid rate.
Cashew Mylk
High levels of zinc support collagen production to slow the aging process.
A powerful medicinal root that that possesses unparalleled anti-inflammatory properties to treat a wide range of medical and pain-related conditions.
Fights infection in the body and repairs tissue damage.
Raw Amber Agave
Healthy sugar replacement with low glycemic impact, include immune system boosting properties including antimicrobial capabilities.
Himalayan Sea Salt
High levels of sulfur aid in oxygen synthesis, allowing your skin to breath better.
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